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From humble beginnings, Anaconda Games just started out as a group of gamers and game developers who simply had a vision of reaching out to other gamers through their posts and creations.

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In our community, we promote friendly discussions between our fans and staff alike. As our vision is to bring together a community that shares ideas and love for games, we highly encourage every reader…

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Always being updated with the latest gaming news, Anaconda Games has been continuously providing readers with information on new releases, reviews on hot games, and other interesting…

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Game Reviews

Okami on NS

If you’re in the mood to feel like a God, then Okami is the game for you. That’s because you’ll actually play a Japanese God with the quest of lifting darkness. So you’ll be granted…

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We the Happy Few

We Happy Few was a pretty trippy game that many were excited to play when an early version was released last July 2016. Just to give you an idea, the story of We Happy Few revolves…

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Latest News

Games to YouTube or Twitch

What You Need to Start Streaming Games to YouTube or Twitch

Today, whatever your main interest is, you can easily make a fortune out from it by simply sharing xbox clips or xboxclips video on YouTube and gaining viewers and subscribers that adore your content. Even gamers are all into it. More and more gamers nowadays are quitting their full-time job and make streaming games to YouTube and Twitch their exciting and lucrative income source.

For you to be the next pewdiepie, you would have to make sure that you’re equipped with the right devices.
When it comes to hardware equipment, besides your gaming PC, you will need mainly two things:
You surely will need a proper and efficient webcam setup that will help you record as you play. Most DSLRs can be used as a webcam when you connect it to your computer via USB. The key is to invest in a good quality web camera to ensure that recording gameplay goes smooth and trouble-free.
To play commentary videos or streams, you are surely going to need a very good microphone. Alternatively, you might have a…

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Game Reviews

Game Reviews: The Best iPhone Games in 2019

If you already own an iPhone or decided to upgrade to one, then you’ll be ecstatic to hear that you can transform your iPhone into one of the best game handheld consoles out there.
The reason is that futboost developers improved the gaming capability of the iPhone by advancing its multi-touch function and innovating its processors for it to be compatible with a wide range of games.
This article highlights the best iPhone games that have greatest game reviews that you can find in the Appstore as of 2019.

Stredenn is a shooter-based game. It has a retro theme but with a modern twist. Meticulously made levels make sure that the game continues to be exciting and playable. Moreover, …

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Video Games

Violent Crimes that are Connected to Video Games

Playing video games is one of the favourite hobbies of some adults and even young children. Now that the Internet is expanding, gaming nowadays is greater than ever. However, these games have a disturbing and long history of being connected to violent convicts and are even deemed as actual motivations for some violent crimes which are even hard to track by checkmate services like Listed below are some of the most notorious crimes that are connected to games.
New Hyde Park Crime Spree
On the 26th of June 2008, a group of young adults made a criminal rampage in New Hyde Park in New York. Initially, three of these teenagers violently robbed a man in a parking lot of a grocery store. After that, they went to the New Hyde Park streets and also robbed a woman inside her car and stole a packet of cigarettes. Then, they smashed the woman’s car using bats. The woman contacted the police …

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Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Short Review

Ever since consoles started, RPG games have become one of the biggest in-demand game types.   With their interesting storyline and interactive missions, Today Game and RPG have become a go-to type of game for many.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, a sequel of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, is a fantasy-inspired RPG game with choices that make a huge impact in the gameplay. In this game, you are considered as a monster hunter who is tasked to find a child of prophecy.

Here is a game review in case you want to hear out unbiased opinions about the said game:
The game takes place in the Continent, a fictional world where humans, dwarves, elves, and other fantasy creatures reside. In this world, creatures with features different from those of humans are often discriminated and maltreated for their appearance. Witcher, Geralt of Rivia, is known as the main protagonist of the game, aided by other characters that also play an important role in the game.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has an interesting storyline …

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Xbox Live Gold

Is Xbox Live Gold Worth The Try?

If you already have an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, then you probably got a notification stating about the Xbox Live Gold. And with all your already existing subscriptions from services like HBO Now, Spotify or Netflix, you are now totally wondering if this one is really worth your cash. Just like any other subscriptions, free Xbox live codes offers a lot of perks you wouldn’t want to miss for your gaming spree.
The Benefits For Xbox Live Gold Members
Being a member of Xbox Live Gold will not only give you the privilege of connecting with other players, but it will also allow you to early-access demos and various games download. This means that you can freely experience the game’s updates before it will be out to the public.

Certainly, there are games that are free. However, most games have member-only sales offering up to 80% discounts. According to Microsoft, players who are signed up for Gold membership can get a maximum of $700 in playing free games in just one-year subscription. This will also include a 360 games …

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So you’ve reached the point in your gaming life where you’ve decided to start hosting your own server. It is a sad fact that in a game there will always be toxic people, not to mention overly excited, cursing, short-tempered teenagers. Not to bash anyone, but that has some truth in it. Well, there are various reasons why you would start thinking about running your own server. In this article, we’ll try to cover everything you need to understand when hosting your own game through the help of a web hosting service. You Need to be Sure what Your Goal Is By starting a server, what are you trying to attain? Do you want your server to be a non-cheating server? Will the server be exclusive for your friends at Minecraft? More importantly, you need to know and be sure of what type of game you’re hosting. Different games have different types of requirements. This is important in the long run to maintain a smooth run over your server. Whether you’re killing zombies or building your own empire in Minecraft or even teaming up with your friends in LoL or DOTA2 and CS: GO, be sure to know your goals and plan before actually starting your very own server. Check with the Developers if They Do Already Offer Server Software You might already know this, but there are developers who offer their players administrative tools to set up and host their own servers. Before actually starting the development of your server, go ahead and ask the developers of the game you’re planning on creating a server on. Don’t be shy. The developers probably won’t bite. Developers do understand full well that pro-gamers like yourself, per se, would want to build their own server to avoid maybe playing with hot-headed teenagers. They might even be of the most use to you. Their help can definitely increase the odds of attaining a great server. Take PewDiePie, Youtube sensation and online gamer, for example. He checks with his game developers frequently to make sure that the run of his game and the experience of his friends run smoothly. He did it, so you can do it too! Know the Difference between Vanilla and Modded Servers Most web hosting gamers know this. Game servers are most likely not as easy as plug-in-play. It takes time to work on and manage a server as well as maintaining it. Many times a gamer has thought he’s done quite well until he realizes that he’s actually way above his head. So make sure you do your research and ask the experts to develop a wide knowledge of the game you want to host and become familiar with manually configuring it. Vanilla Servers are what the game already provides. Meanwhile, Modded Servers are what gamers have customized. Be sure to learn how to modify your ”vanilla” server, like knowing the steps, how to troubleshoot it, and what are the platforms that you will use. If you understand full well that these are quite important and are ready, then it’s time to get gaming. Go on and reward yourself with the thought of your friends and fellow gamers enjoying each moment they experience in your server. Good luck and happy gaming!

3 Things to Know When Hosting a Gaming Server

So you’ve reached the point in your gaming life where you’ve decided to start hosting your own server. It is a sad fact that in a game there will always be toxic people, not to mention overly excited, cursing, short-tempered teenagers. Not to bash anyone, but that has some truth in it.

Well, there are various reasons why you would start thinking about running your own server. In this article, we’ll try to cover everything you need to understand when hosting your own game through the help of a web hosting service.
You Need to be Sure what Your Goal Is
By starting a server, what are you trying to attain? Do you want your server to be a non-cheating server? Will the server be exclusive for your friends at Minecraft? More importantly, you need to know and be sure of what type of game you’re hosting.

Different games have different types of requirements. This is important in the long run to maintain a smooth run over your server.

Whether you’re killing zombies or building your own empire in Minecraft or …

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10 of the Most Popular Food Delivery Startups Worldwide

Food ordering is very easy today. You can get a home meal delivery while you are in the comfort of your home. Having an online system for customers to order their food can help increase your sales. Below are some of the most popular food delivery startups worldwide. Following this link is the most popular food delivery startup in my city.
Uber Eats
This is an American online company. It has patterned with dozens of restaurants in various cities across the world. The app connects the user with restaurants in their local area. This helps them to order their local favorites easily.
Grub Hub
This web and mobile company allows users to find a restaurant that delivers food to their location by simply keying in their address. Customers have an option of ordering over the phone or through their app online. The web and mobile company allows users to browse and compare menus, delivery hours, prices, and even read reviews of different restaurants.
Blue Apron
This service…

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What You Need to Know about Currencies in Games

Many hard-core and casual gamers do not care about the importance of virtual money found in their favorite game. Many think that this in-game currency is just part of the complex but enjoyable process of the gameplay. However, this cannot be said to the game developer’s point of view. This is because these currencies which are used to buy osrs gold are tools that can be used in optimizing the games to obtain maximum profits and revenue.
Game Currencies and the Economy
To understand the use of game currencies in online gaming, you must understand the economy in games. The game economy is the center of the game’s prize format and is important in making the game successful. In fact, all games need an economy to structure the gamers’ behavior and incentive.

Through this economy, game currencies or virtual money are used to reward players for every success they achieved at a particular level or mission. These currencies will be used in buying or upgrading characters or items that can be useful in the game. A strong game economy…

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Top Solo and Multiplayer Cooking Games

There are a lot of awesome games on consoles and PC, and one of the most interesting ones are cooking games. These kinds of games are actually intriguing, especially to those who just love healthy home cooking. Just by looking at the mouth-watering foods gathered at the table or at the counter of a buffet restaurant will probably get you curious about how they are actually prepared.

This is where cooking games come in. Taking the experience of real-life food preparation into consoles and PC will definitely bring about a challenging and entertaining game that can also be somewhat hilarious. This is exactly what 50% Sun Basket Promo Code & Exclusive Review does. From simply chopping vegetables to putting toppings on top of a pizza crust to serving customers before they hit their time limit – the culinary world is indeed a challenging realm to get yourself into.

If this thing got you thinking that you want to try a cooking game, then you were probably wondering what the current top cooking games are…

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Cool Spy Games You Need to Try

While choosing a pc game to indulge in, you consider varying features. However, regardless of what you make you tick, spy games have it all. From breathtaking stealth action, careful surveillance and planning to hilarious maneuvers will make you feel like a text spy. And you will find something that will leave you glued to your pc for hours. In the spirit of spy-gaming, here is a look at five cool spy games you need to try.
Alpha Protocol
Taking the role of Michael Thorton, this thrilling game takes you across various continents in quest of information. You get to spy on text messages, infiltrate institutions uncovering their behind-the-scene activities, create allies, and gain access to the black market where you can trade for information and weapons. You get to learn new espionage skills such as hacking and cracking safes on a timer and upgrade your weaponry as you accumulate funds found in the game.

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How Mobile Apps Affect the Construction Industry

How Mobile Apps Affect the Construction Industry

Mobile technology is changing and advancing across all the industries, and the construction industry is no exception, may it be exterior restoration, home roofing, or building construction. Mobile apps are rewriting the way modern construction projects are carried out.

Mobile apps are helpful to construction companies be it small or big since they are cost-effective and efficient. Most contractors use basic technology like tablets, laptops, and smartphones on the job. Below, we will analyze a few ways in which mobile apps have revolutionized the construction industry. For example, roof consultants can easily access their data on a tablet while checking the problem on site. There are many apps to helps the professionals to work efficiently.
Mobile Apps Help Ensure the Safety Compliance of Construction Sites
Approximately 6 million people work in the construction industry in a country every day at over 200,000 constructions sites. As a result, the number of accidents and …

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Keep Gaming On the Go with These Travel Must-Haves

At times, traveling alone can be hectic and taunting especially when you’re feeling idle. To keep yourself comfortable after boarding either a flight, bus, or train, you can kill time and enjoy by playing some exciting video games. Such games can be as simple as an intense shooter or a puzzle. Gaming while traveling is a remarkable option that makes student travel more enjoyable and aids in passing the time and relieving stress. You ought to plan before you travel to ensure that you can play and have fun while on the go.

To make your student tour memorable, you need to carry along with you several gaming devices. A smartphone is the first device everyone on a trip cannot dare forget. There are other gaming devices that you should consider for gaming. They can be portable consoles such as gaming laptop, Nintendo switch, or Nintendo 3DS. The portable consoles are light in weight and suitable for playing up-to-date games on the go. If you decide to carry a laptop for gaming, you should opt for Razor Blade for improved performance …

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Upcoming Video Game Movie

Upcoming Video Game Movies to Watch Out For

Can’t wait for the next video game movie to watch for this year? Putlocker’s prediction for 2018-19 shows that Video game movies will surely be a hit for every gamer out there. Get to know if your favorite video game will have its own movie this year on this list of upcoming movies to watch out for!
Call of Duty
Every Call of Duty gamer out there should look forward to this video game movie because Activision is exerting all its efforts in making this movie a blockbuster hit.

The director of this video game movie is Stefano Sollima who also directed the ”Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” The writer of this film is Kieran Fitzgerald who is also working on Sherlock Holmes 3 and is also known for being the writer behind Oliver Stone’s Snowden.

With the producers being the Hateful Eight producer Stacey Sher and the former Disney executive Nick van Dyk, this movie will surely be something that every fan of the game shouldn’t miss.

While there are no complete details yet about this movie, the two directors are planning a …

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How Blockchain Allows Gamers to Truly Own Their Booty

These days, video games have become far more than mere games. Today, they are now widely considered as a lifestyle, a business, and more.

A huge number of professional gamers play for titles as well as for the money that comes with them. However, others are grouping, gathering, chatting, organizing, buying and selling. This is because virtual goods now have real and great value.

Many of the games today have established their companies as one of the top paid transactions for items, characters, and currency. However, the details on how these purchases interact – such as the pricing and the trading – are usually not clear. Oftentimes, this is caused by the diversity of games, which in turn can result in distrust and confusion. What players want is privacy, transparency, and consistency, and blockchain could be the best solution. Some companies are now delving into Cryptocurrency Signals to take their games to the next level.
Owning Virtual Items
A lot of companies are now beginning to farm in-game gold …

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What Makes Cheating Irresistible for Gamers

Game cheats are part of the gaming culture. Most of us who engage in gaming have used cheats at one time or another. After all, cheating is irresistible to gamers as it is all about having fun. Back in the days when it was impossible to change the difficulty levels of games, game cheats were one of the easiest ways to get past seemingly impossible sections of the game.

Combating cheaters in video games can be quite daunting, expensive, and oftentimes mulled in controversy. Game cheats like thoroughly plague video gaming, especially in computer games. Even with piles of money that developers and publishers are investing in gaming, stopping game cheats remains a challenge.

What is even more surprising is the reluctance of gaming companies to discuss this issue. Developers and publishers often avoid getting into details about the issue.
Why Cheating Can Be Quite Hard to Resist?
Cheating remains irresistible for gamers given the ease with which players can exploit bugs and flaws to their advantage. This is …

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How to Hire a Freelance Graphics Designer for Your Game

Deciding to create a game is a bold move. It’s a huge project that requires a great deal of investment in terms of time, effort, and money. Thus, you as the creator should make sure that every aspect of your project is well taken care of—especially the talent acquisition part. One of the necessary talents you have to hire is a graphic design expert. If your budget is limited, you may not be able to hire a full-time graphic designer—especially if your graphic design need is not that huge as well, find out more @ Secret Hideout. Thus, going for a freelance graphic designer could be your better option. If this is your first time hiring a freelance graphic designer, here’s your guide to ensure that you attract a true star player.
Set down your design concept
Never start anything without the design concept ready. The concept has to be all set, so the hiring and negotiation part will be smooth. Set your vision on how exactly you want your game’s graphics and images to appear. You’ll make it easier for the…

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Social Media and Its Effect on the Gaming World

The influence of social media in the 99.6-billion-dollar gaming industry continues to grow. As per recent statistics, the worth of the social gaming industry in Asia and the U.S is 2.5 and 2.15 billion dollars respectively. Additionally, studies indicate a huge fraction of social network subscribers occasionally indulging in games on these platforms and at least fifteen per cent of the period an individual spends on Facebook is spent playing online games.

These figures are evidence of the correlation between the gaming industry and social media. Below are some of the influences of social media on the gaming industry.
Social gaming advertisement
The current boom in the gaming industry can partly be attributed to social media marketing. Although there are a lot of issues especially when it comes to hacking and social media or Instagram account security, gaming companies still take the time to immerse in social media marketing extensively. These companies have taken active steps to stop any Instagram account hacker getting a hold of…

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Does CBD Oil Improve Your Video Gaming Abilities?

Playing video games takes a lot of effort and dedication. There are some players who would even try to make a living out of it. Professional gaming needs utmost concentration, awareness, fast reflexes, practice, and teamwork.   When you are into professional gaming, the tendency is to get too stressed out and, most probably, suffer from game-induced anger. It is a good thing that we have CBD oils to help reduce this kind of anger.

CBD’s medical uses do not stop there. Here are some of the ways on how CBD oil can improve your performance in both recreational and professional gaming.
Reduces Social Anxiety When Playing
Oftentimes, there are moments that you will feel anxious while interacting with other players. You want to help them or suggest strategies to them that would help you to collectively win the game. However, there is the fear that you might be scrutinized by your co-players or that you could be blamed if your team loses. All the same, when playing team games, it is very important that …

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Interior Designing Apps that an Interior Designer Should have

There are several interior designing apps that are already available in the market. However, not all of these apps can help you visualize the designs that you have in mind. Upon checking, some of these apps tend to be less useful when creating an inspiration board for your dream interior design.

With this, we are going to list down some of the useful apps that you can use for interior designing.
Magpie is a tool similar to Apple’s Note. It allows you to take pictures, videos, or notes for your interior designing ideas. And then, you can print these notes and add them to your mood boards. If, for example, you are having a hard time choosing the best kerosene heater, you can take a photo of this equipment and save them with the use of this app. In this way, you can easily simulate and choose the best kerosene heaters for the room.
iHandy Carpenter
This tool is perfect when making a floorplan for your home. The app is complete with the five measuring tools like the spirit level, protractor, …

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IKEA Teams up with UNYQ and Area Academy to Develop a 3D Printed Gaming Chair

IKEA, the revered Swedish furniture company, is now on the verge of diversifying their business portfolio. Besides creating whimsical and ergonomic furniture and aesthetically minimalist interior designs, IKEA will now be manufacturing 3D printed gaming chairs suitable for eSports contests. They have partnered with a renowned US prosthetics startup firm known as UNYQ and the revered Swedish eSports company Area Academy to plan and create the Ubik chair.   Their propitious innovation will see them use the advanced body-scanning technology made for medical wearables and 3D printing technology to make customized 3D ergonomic and adjustable seats for gamers. Check this out, you could even print your own 3D gaming chair with these low cost printer deals.

Ubik will be made entirely based on your body scan and biometric data. Marcus …

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