Review of We the Happy Few

Review of We the Happy Few

We Happy Few was a pretty trippy game that many were excited to play when an early version was released last July 2016. Just to give you an idea, the story of We Happy Few revolves around a society that takes happy drugs so that they can all get high and be happy. Little do they know, the reality is that they live in a dystopian universe that was destroyed during a war.

In the game, the citizens are forced to take a pill called Joy so that they can all be a part of a collective hallucination. Unfortunately, those who don’t take the drug will be ostracized and beaten up by the citizens. Even the police would chase you down for that.

The story revolves around three characters who decide that they didn’t want to take the pill anymore and wanted to escape from the island. These three characters are Arthur, a survival expert; Sally, a chemist; and Ollie, a strong individual with a talent for mechanical engineering. Each of them has their own backstories but all have one common objective– stop taking the drug and get out of the place.

Now, what I find most amazing about the game is that the backstory of all three characters is unique and captivating. So if you play as Arthur first, you can expect an entirely new story when you play as Sally. You definitely won’t get bored because you’ll also get to experience how each character feel while they’re trying to escape.

You’ll also find the graphics and design really captivating. Sometimes, you’ll be forced to play in drugged mode and see how colorful the town is. But once you get sober, you can see everything dark and base.

Its gameplay is a little bit like Silent Hill wherein if you get spotted, you might get chased by an angry mob. And whenever you use your weapons, they’ll eventually break after too much use. With this, you have to make sure you always have a back up of weapons.

Probably one con about the game would be its annoying side missions. While you’re doing a side mission, you could be compelled to do another side mission while doing that current mission. If you’re the type that likes a long game, then this will be okay. But if you’re a one mission type of person, it can get pretty annoying.