Okami on Nintendo Switch Review

If you’re in the mood to feel like a God, then Okami is the game for you. That’s because you’ll actually play a Japanese God with the quest of lifting darkness. So you’ll be granted God powers, celestial style, and all other cool stuff. That’s pretty much what Okami is all about anyway– being awesomely OP.

There were so many things amazing about this game, but one of the things that really stuck to me was the story. Just to give you an idea, the story revolves around sun God Amaterasu (who happens to be a wolf) and his quest to eliminate an evil darkness that corrupts Japan. You have to take down a bunch of monsters and revive celestial trees known as Guardian Saplings.

Unlike most quest games, you won’t exactly know who the big boss is here. You have to explore the problem a bit and slowly find out what’s causing it. The more monsters you beat, the closer you are to finding out the main cause. Being a really cool fantasy game, you’ll find a lot of interesting characters such as a big talking bird and a chef imp.

Another thing you’ll love about the game is that it’s really smooth. Unlike the Okami game for Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Switch version is really smooth and sensitive. This will allow you to fully appreciate whatever the game has to offer. Of course, this handheld device will literally make you feel like Amaterasu wielding all the cool weapons and summoning colorful powers.

Probably one complaint that I have about the game is that it doesn’t have a big map. If you’re used to really big maps, you’ll probably be a bit disappointed here. That said, the map does have depth though. There still are a lot of cool places for you to explore nevertheless.

Overall, I would definitely say that this game is close to perfection. It’s got a great storyline, awesome and smooth gameplay, a lot of cool extra side quests, lots of things to do and a lot of stuff to explore. Plus, you’ve got all these awesome powers and abilities to play around with.

However, you better prepare for really long cutscenes because of a lot of dialogue. However, if you’re the type who really wants to get deep into the story and know every detail, this really shouldn’t be a problem.