From humble beginnings, Anaconda Games just started out as a group of gamers and game developers who simply had a vision of reaching out to other gamers through their posts and creations. The group first had its community in social media wherein they would Tweet new updates on the latest PS3 or Nintendo games. Through constant efforts, their community started to expand and they decided to put up a website instead so that they can continuously cater to all of their followers.

Eventually, the team expanded with new writers and game enthusiasts joining the team. With over a hundred readers daily, the team behind Anaconda Games strives to keep gamers as updated as possible through their posts.

What makes Anaconda Games stand out from other online gaming communities is that the team behind Anaconda Games are all family. Their aim is to simply spread and share their love for video games with other enthusiastic gamers such as themselves. They make sure that they are as down to earth as possible when handling their followers. This is the charm that Anaconda Games has as compared to other communities.

Up until today, Anaconda Games is continuing to expand its reach and getting more people to join the community. They have already reached a sizable number of followers who have been loyal to their posts. This is why they are noted today as one of the fastest growing gaming communities that you can find on the internet.