Code of Conduct

In our community, we promote friendly discussions between our fans and staff alike. As our vision is to bring together a community that shares ideas and love for games, we highly encourage every reader to leave a comment or an emoticon in the comments section. However, we would just like to ask that you leave a polite comment that does not offend any of the other members as that goes against our general policy.

Our policy on civilized engagement does not allow the following:

  • Comments promoting violence or threats
  • Sexual harassment
  • Obscene language
  • Racial slurs
  • Comments offending certain religions
  • Politically inspired comments targeting a certain party
  • Troll comments
  • Spam
  • Ads

Any type of comment or message that may be deemed offensive to any of the members or moderators alike.

Please take note that we have a team of moderators who manage the website. Our moderators have the freedom to ban any member or guest whom they think are breaking the rules and policies provided by our website. Your failure to follow the rules may result in a warning and possibly an eventual suspension of your account.

While we highly encourage free speech, we aim to prevent any abuse of this privilege. Hence, we will place strict measurements on our community and its members.