Upcoming Video Game Movie

Upcoming Video Game Movies to Watch Out For

Can’t wait for the next video game movie to watch for this year? Putlocker’s prediction for 2018-19 shows that Video game movies will surely be a hit for every gamer out there. Get to know if your favorite video game will have its own movie this year on this list of upcoming movies to watch out for!
Call of Duty
Every Call of Duty gamer out there should look forward to this video game movie because Activision is exerting all its efforts in making this movie a blockbuster hit.
The director of this video game movie is Stefano Sollima who also directed the ”Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” The writer of this film is Kieran Fitzgerald who is also working on Sherlock Holmes 3 and is also known for being the writer behind Oliver Stone’s Snowden.
With the producers being the Hateful Eight producer Stacey Sher and the former Disney executive Nick van Dyk, this movie will surely be something that every fan of the game shouldn’t miss.
While there are no complete details yet about this movie, the two …