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10 of the Most Popular Food Delivery Startups Worldwide

Food ordering is very easy today. You can get a home meal delivery while you are in the comfort of your home. Having an online system for customers to order their food can help increase your sales. Below are some of the most popular food delivery startups worldwide. Following this link is the most popular food delivery startup in my city.
Uber Eats
This is an American online company. It has patterned with dozens of restaurants in various cities across the world. The app connects the user with restaurants in their local area. This helps them to order their local favorites easily.
Grub Hub
This web and mobile company allows users to find a restaurant that delivers food to their location by simply keying in their address. Customers have an option of ordering over the phone or through their app online. The web and mobile company allows users to browse and compare menus, delivery hours, prices, and even read reviews of different restaurants.
Blue Apron…

IKEA Teams up with UNYQ and Area Academy to Develop a 3D Printed Gaming Chair

IKEA, the revered Swedish furniture company, is now on the verge of diversifying their business portfolio. Besides creating whimsical and ergonomic furniture and aesthetically minimalist interior designs, IKEA will now be manufacturing 3D printed gaming chairs suitable for eSports contests. They have partnered with a renowned US prosthetics startup firm known as UNYQ and the revered Swedish eSports company Area Academy to plan and create the Ubik chair.   Their propitious innovation will see them use the advanced body-scanning technology made for medical wearables and 3D printing technology to make customized 3D ergonomic and adjustable seats for gamers. Check this out, you could even print your own 3D gaming chair with these low cost printer deals.
Ubik will be made entirely based on your body scan and biometric data. …

App Developers Struggle with a New Type of Search Optimisation

The term ASO or App Store Optimisation is thrown around a lot in the game development circles these days and rightly so. Optimizing your app for launch is just about as important as the game itself. Because if no one finds the app… does anyone ear the tree fall in the forest? However, while ASO is super important, app developers must also not forget about SEO. Some studies have indicated that nearly a third of new users will discover an app via traditional search engines on their mobile devices.
Therefore, with that in mind, let’s now throw away our preconceptions about how to gain new users and focus on what is the traditional search space, but for mobile games. Here are some steps to take to ensure that the next app launch isn’t missed on search engines across the globe.
Gain Recognition
This is a task that can begin before the app is even launched. Going out to the market and finding reputable websites to link to your new domain. This can be in the order of link packages which are very common…