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Xbox Live Gold

Is Xbox Live Gold Worth The Try?

If you already have an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, then you probably got a notification stating about the Xbox Live Gold. And with all your already existing subscriptions from services like HBO Now, Spotify or Netflix, you are now totally wondering if this one is really worth your cash. Just like any other subscriptions, free Xbox live codes offers a lot of perks you wouldn’t want to miss for your gaming spree.
The Benefits For Xbox Live Gold Members
Being a member of Xbox Live Gold will not only give you the privilege of connecting with other players, but it will also allow you to early-access demos and various games download. This means that you can freely experience the game’s updates before it will be out to the public.
Certainly, there are games that are free. However, most games have member-only sales offering up to 80% discounts. According to Microsoft, players who are signed up for Gold membership can get a maximum of $700 in playing free games in just one-year subscription. This will also include a 360 …

Social Media and Its Effect on the Gaming World

The influence of social media in the 99.6-billion-dollar gaming industry continues to grow. As per recent statistics, the worth of the social gaming industry in Asia and the U.S is 2.5 and 2.15 billion dollars respectively. Additionally, studies indicate a huge fraction of social network subscribers occasionally indulging in games on these platforms and at least fifteen per cent of the period an individual spends on Facebook is spent playing online games.
These figures are evidence of the correlation between the gaming industry and social media. Below are some of the influences of social media on the gaming industry.
Social gaming advertisement
The current boom in the gaming industry can partly be attributed to social media marketing. Although there are a lot of issues especially when it comes to hacking and social media or Instagram account security, gaming companies still take the time to immerse in social media marketing extensively. These companies have taken active steps to stop any Instagram account hacker