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Overclocked: New Screenshots from Psycho-Thriller Adventure Game

Three new screenshots from the upcoming psychological thriller Overclocked shed light on the innovative point & clicker. Taken from cinematics and gameplay of the adventure game, they illustrate the extraordinary story revolving around psychiatrist David McNamara and five traumatized young patients.

Overclocked Screenshot 01The five young men and women are found barely clothed, the apparent victim of a traumatic act of violence, in the rain-drenched streets of New York City. McNamara is called to help as an expert psychiatrist. At the Staten Island Forensic Hospital he is tasked with treating the young patients – who all suffer from severe amnesia. Dave begins to carefully probe their memory, trying to reveal their obscured past.

Overclocked Screenshot 02The innovative story-telling approach of Overclocked sees the player take on the role of the patients as they are questioned, playing and exploring their memories one by one. In reverse chronology, the player makes his way through the shards of their past and experiences frightening events that seem incoherent at first. The insights gained can then used back in the role of Dave McNamara to piece together the interconnections between the victims and open up new lines of questioning.Overclocked Screenshot 03

In the role of McNamara, the player also explores present day New York, egularly meeting NYPD specialist Moretti in a bar close to his hotel to discuss the particulars of the mysterious case. ANACONDA will release the new game by House of Tales, the makers of The Moment of Silence, worldwide in summer 2007.

New Details on DS adventure game Undercover: Dual Motives

New screenshots and artwork for Undercover: Dual Motives give insight into the Nintendo DS prequel to the PC adventure game.

Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel Screenshot 01Dual Motives is peppered with inventive puzzles and minigames that take advantage of the capabilities of the Nintendo handheld. In one, protagonist Dr. Russell tries to gain access to a laboratory. But gaining the attention of deaf Professor Cutter demands an extraordinary solution: Russell assembles a blowgun to shoot little paper projectiles at the Professor, who is immersed in his work. It’s up to the player to direct the blowgun with stylus and touchscreen and take aim at the moving target, as well as fire the projectiles with a well-dosed blast of air into the DS microphone.

Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel Screenshot 02In the other new shot, Russell is exploring the exterior of the former factory grounds that now serves as a research facility, while the other protagonist – secretary Audrey – is investigating the propulsion labs, one of the three main laboratories of the site. The player directs the character through these locations in classic point & click style with the DS stylus and can switch between them and the screens at any time with the press of a button.

Undercover: Doppeltes Spiel Concept ArtThe player will have to apply their respective abilities and coordinate their actions in order to solve the game’s puzzles, e.g. when he’s trying to get past the watchful eyes of Agents Miller and McAllistair, who keep more than one watchful eye on the sensitive areas of the labs. But while they block Russell’s way, Audrey can gain entry to these top secret areas due to her status as secretary of the facility’s director.

Tony Tough 2: New Video from the Comedy-Adventure

Tony Tough 2 ScreenshotTony Tough 2 is nearing its international release: to heighten the anticipation even further we’re showing off on of the game’s sleek cutscenes, which also serves as an introduction to the peculiar story. Tony Tough 2 is available in German-speaking territories from today, with international release dates to be announced in the future.

It’s the morning of September 1, 1953 and the small town of Washington nestled in the desert of New Mexico awakens to bad news. Overnight, the population of the backwater village has dropped to 21, after old Florence Cook was surprised by a burglar and died of a heart attack. That’s the beginning of the first big case for Tony Tough, who is only a little know-it-all boy of 13 in this prequel to Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths. But first he will have to try and make it to school on time, after oversleeping…

Beautiful graphics, cinematic cutscenes, tons of puzzles, a simple interface and Tony’s trademark humor are guarantee for a new benchmark for comedic adventure games.

Belief & Betrayal: New Website & New Release Date

Belief & Betrayal ScreenshotToday the official website for Belief & Betrayal was launched, giving visitors a first look inside the world of conspiracies, murder and historic puzzles in the world of the Catholic Church. Belief & Betrayal will be released worldwide in early 2007.

On the official site at, adventure fans will not only find new screenshots, new wallpapers, all the latest news, as well as artwork, trailers and everything else about the game, but there are also secrets to be found. Find hidden doorways by entering the right numbers! No secret at all is the recently opened official forum for the game, where fans can talk everything Belief & Betrayal.

Dual Motives: Going Undercover on the Nintendo DS

Undercover DS Screenshot 01Just released in German-language territories, adventure game Undercover: Operation Wintersun, an exciting hunt for a Nazi nuclear bomb in the Second World War, will get a prequel on the Nintendo DS: ANACONDA is announcing Undercover: Dual Motives, where players take control of physicist and reluctant spy Dr. John Russell in his early days, investigating at a British research facility.

Undercover DS Screenshot 02Austrian developer Sproing is already hard at work on the handheld adventure game. Undercover: Dual Motives features both classic adventure gaming elements for on-the-go, as well as using the unique capabilities of the DS to implement novel ideas. In addition to John Russell, players have access to a second playable character in Audrey, the secretary of the facility’s director.

Both screens of the DS are used, when Russell and Audrey investigate. Working separately, the player is in control of one of them at a time, directing them via the touchscreen and stylus. The other screen displays the currently inactive character, which he can switch over to at any time. The challenge: cleverly using the individual abilities of the two different characters in order to solve the game’s logical puzzles – even if they are in different rooms.

Undercover: Dual Motives will be released worldwide by ANACONDA, starting with German-language territories at the end of March 2007.

Welcome to the new ANACONDA website

ANACONDA LogoWelcome to the new, redesigned ANACONDA website! We used the past few weeks to give our virtual snake pit not only a complete visual overhaul, but we also added a lot of new fcool features. In future, all information about the complete lineup of ANACONDA products is easily accessible, with details about each title at your fingertips: improved search functions make finding the right game, genre and platform a breeze. With always up-to-date release lists, finding out when the next exciting ANACONDA game is coming to stores is easy as pie.

In addition, the ANACONDA website has a wealth of additional goodies, like wallpapers, trailers, demos – and soon – eCards for free download. Talk about your favourite games with the devs on the ANACONDA boards and take part in numerous events and competitions. There’s a lot to explore on ANACONDA, we hope you have a great time! We’d love to hear what you think about the new ANACONDA site – just head on over to our forum and leave your feedback.

Undercover: adventure game stocked with impressive technical features

Undercover : Operation Wintersun not only offers an intriguing story of espionage and betrayal, but also a number of features seldom seen in adventure games.

The most impressive graphics feature: John Russell, Anne Taylor and the rest of the characters are all rendered in real-time 3D, casting correct real-time shadows on all objects. These light and shadow effects make for authentic locations, as Russell and his fellow agents secretly explore Nazi research installations. Volumetric light adds to the intense atmosphere of the espionage thriller.
Undercover also features a comfortable function to display all hotspots of a location simply with the press of a button –in case adventurers needs some help along the way.

The game’s plot is a fascinating mixture of fact and fiction: Based on the true historic background of the German “Uranium Project” in WW2, it explores a frightening scenario. German scientists, long leading the field in nuclear research, have made alarming progress on the path to atom bomb. British intelligence recruits the renowned physicist Dr. John Russell to investigate the matter. The player controls him, as he carries out his dangerous mission in Nazi Germany.

Undercover: Operation Wintersun, developed by Sproing, will be published by ANACONDA on September 29 (German-speaking territories) and worldwide at a later date.

Drakensang soundtrack coming from Dynamedion

Drakensang LogoDrakensang, the new PC RPG set in the “The Dark Eye” universe, will feature a first-class soundtrack: German publisher ANACONDA and Dynamedion, who boast an impressive track record of soundtracks for AAA titles, have signed an agreement to cooperate on the epic party-based role-playing game. Work on the Drakensang soundtrack will begin in September and continue well into the next year.

“It is supremely important to us to capture the unique “The Dark Eye” atmosphere in the soundtrack as well – we are aware of the huge role music plays in establishing a game’s atmosphere. The old “Realms of Arkania” PC games, which were set in the same universe, are renowned for their soundtrack, and we want gamers to get the same high quality in Drakensang. We are very happy to have been chosen for this task of capturing the special flair of this RPG brand and translating it into sound,” says Pierre Langer, Dynamedion’s Managing Director.

Drakensang is the first PC RPG set in the world of “The Dark Eye” in over 10 years and is in development at Radon Labs in Berlin, under license from Chromatrix GmbH and in cooperation with the official authors and artists from the pen&paper game. This faithful adaptation of the fantastic RPG world will give players and their avatars the chance to get to know Aventuria first-hand. ANACONDA will release Drakensang: The Dark Eye in the 4th quarter of 2007.

ANACONDA announces new action game: Red Ocean coming 2007

German publisher dtp entertainment AG today announced Red Ocean, a new action game: the first person shooter will be release under the ANACONDA label in February 2007.

Red Ocean combines innovative shooter gameplay with unique underwater elements. Players take on the role of diving instructor and treasure hunter Jack Hard, who stumbles upon a secret Russian cold war research station deep underneath the ocean surface. As he discovers, it is controlled by a terrorist organization – and before he knows it, he gets caught in their nefarious schemes.

The unique twist: players will deal with water in all 3 states of aggregation: in liquid form it not only enables you to approach enemies unnoticed by diving but can also conveniently drown a baddie. At sub-zero temperatures it quickly becomes a dangerously slippery surface and hot steam is nothing to mess with either – whether above or below the water line, Red Ocean is sure to take your breath away.

Red Ocean is being developed by Collision Studios.


GC 2006: World Premiere of Jane Jensens “Gray Matter”

ANACONDA is bringing a star developer to the Leipzig Games Convention: Queen of adventure gaming, Jane Jensen, author of the immensely popular “Gabriel Knight” trilogy, will exclusively announce and present her adventure game project “Gray Matter” at a press conference. ANACONDA will publish “Gray Matter” worldwide in the 4th quarter of 2007. Following the press conference, Jane Jensen will give autographs at the ANACONDA Theatre (hall 5, booth G02) – a one time chance for adventure fans to grace their Jane Jensen games with the game designer’s signature and meet the queen of adventure games in person. The signing will start at 12:30h.
Claas Wolter, ANACONDA/dtp PR Manager is sure gamers will jump at the
chance: “Adventure gaming fans should not miss this one-time opportunity – this is Jane Jensen’s first visit to Germany in many, many years – and “Gray Matter” is her first adventure game since 1999.”
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