Violent Crimes that are Connected to Video Games

Violent Crimes that are Connected to Video Games

Video Games

Playing video games is one of the favourite hobbies of some adults and even young children. Now that the Internet is expanding, gaming nowadays is greater than ever. However, these games have a disturbing and long history of being connected to violent convicts and are even deemed as actual motivations for some violent crimes which are even hard to track by checkmate services like Listed below are some of the most notorious crimes that are connected to games.

New Hyde Park Crime Spree

On the 26th of June 2008, a group of young adults made a criminal rampage in New Hyde Park in New York. Initially, three of these teenagers violently robbed a man in a parking lot of a grocery store. After that, they went to the New Hyde Park streets and also robbed a woman inside her car and stole a packet of cigarettes. Then, they smashed the woman’s car using bats. The woman contacted the police and the young adults were arrested. When the police background checked the motives of the teens, it came out that the game called Grand Theft Auto IV made them do these crimes.

Nathan Brooks

In the year 2013, Nathan Brooks, a 14-year old boy was grounded by his parents and was forbidden from using his gaming console after he had detention in school. The night after he became grounded, Brooks got the 22 Smith & Wesson revolver of his parents and shot them both while they were sleeping. Fortunately, both of them survived, and Nathan Brooks was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment for what he did to his parents.

Daniel Petric

In 2007, Daniel Petric, who was an American teenager, shot his parents wherein his mother died and his father was severely wounded. This happened after his parents confiscated his Halo 3’s copy which was not allowed in their household. Daniel Petric used the 9-mm handgun of his father to commit the murders. Shortly after, he was arrested in their family van with his Halo 3 still in the front seat.

Dawson College Shooting

The third deadly shooting in the history of Montreal City is the shooting in Dawson College. On the 13th of September, the year 2006, a guy named Kimveer Gill started shooting in the streets outside the Dawson College and entered the school still continuing to fire. He started shooting random people and took some as his hostages. After he was shot in the arm during his standoff between the Montreal Police, Kimveer killed himself by firing the gun in his head. It was believed that Kiimveer Gill was said to be influenced by a video game called Super Columbine Massacre RPG.


These are just some of the video games that are connected to serious crimes. It is true that video games can sometimes be addictive and that it can somehow influence the gamers in their day-to-day life. With that, parents or adults should background check what type of video games their children are playing in order to know if these games are appropriate at their age.

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