Is Xbox Live Gold Worth The Try?

Is Xbox Live Gold Worth The Try?

Xbox Live Gold

If you already have an Xbox One X or Xbox One S, then you probably got a notification stating about the Xbox Live Gold. And with all your already existing subscriptions from services like HBO Now, Spotify or Netflix, you are now totally wondering if this one is really worth your cash. Just like any other subscriptions, free Xbox live codes offers a lot of perks you wouldn’t want to miss for your gaming spree.

The Benefits For Xbox Live Gold Members

Being a member of Xbox Live Gold will not only give you the privilege of connecting with other players, but it will also allow you to early-access demos and various games download. This means that you can freely experience the game’s updates before it will be out to the public.

Certainly, there are games that are free. However, most games have member-only sales offering up to 80% discounts. According to Microsoft, players who are signed up for Gold membership can get a maximum of $700 in playing free games in just one-year subscription. This will also include a 360 games backward-compatible Xbox for an Xbox One.

Is Signing Up For A Membership Required For Xbox Owners?

Xbox owners don’t actually need to spare some money for Xbox Live Gold, especially if they don’t want to become a member. After all, Microsoft also offers a free tier known as Xbox Live that can also give you access to entertainment applications like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and game demos. You can get connected with your friends, too, through Skype. Perhaps, the only difference if you sign up as a Gold member is that you can play your favorite games with other gamers.

Is There A Discounted Membership?

If you are looking for a discounted membership, you should keep in mind to pay attention to coupons and deals. Retailers such as Amazon offer a discount on download codes specifically for Xbox Live Gold membership. For instance, Amazon offers a three-month membership for just $10 on a Black Friday.

When Do You Pay?

After signing up, members can pay their dues per month, after every 3 months or even annually, depending on the duration offers they chose. If you sign up using a credit card, you can turn off the option ‘auto-renew’ so that you wouldn’t get automatic charges for your credit card.

How To Cancel The Account

If there is a way in, there’s also a way out. You can actually cancel your account any time you want to. Even if you already paid a 12-month subscription for Xbox Live Gold, you can still cancel your account without any hassle. Just contact their website to ask how.

Do You Need An Xbox Live Gold Subscription?

You don’t really need to have a subscription on Xbox Live Gold as you can always play normally like how you are used to. But if you easily get bored by playing alone, you can only compete with other players once you enroll in a subscription to be a Gold member. You can just try for once and see if this setup works for you.

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