10 of the Most Popular Food Delivery Startups Worldwide

10 of the Most Popular Food Delivery Startups Worldwide

Food ordering is very easy today. You can get a home meal delivery while you are in the comfort of your home. Having an online system for customers to order their food can help increase your sales. Below are some of the most popular food delivery startups worldwide. Following this link is the most popular food delivery startup in my city.

Uber Eats

This is an American online company. It has patterned with dozens of restaurants in various cities across the world. The app connects the user with restaurants in their local area. This helps them to order their local favorites easily.

Grub Hub

This web and mobile company allows users to find a restaurant that delivers food to their location by simply keying in their address. Customers have an option of ordering over the phone or through their app online. The web and mobile company allows users to browse and compare menus, delivery hours, prices, and even read reviews of different restaurants.

Blue Apron

This service allows you to download all the instructions to cook a home cooked meal plus their ingredients. The ingredients to prepare the meal will be delivered at your doorstep. The platform has successfully managed to combine meal planning and meal shopping. The customer is able to discover new recopies, save time and money, and eat home-cooked meals.

Door Dash

This is a delivery service that uses on-demand principle through logistic arithmetic. They connect the customer to the best food in their cities. They can deliver your food virtually anywhere, from date nights at home to a picnics in the park.

Hello Fresh

This is a food subscription company. It sends pre-portioned ingredients to the customer. Through this company, the customers can cook a quick healthy meal that has been designed by nutritionists.


This home meal delivery company is currently ranked at number one in Vietnam and continental Europe. The downside is that they only collaborate with delivery restaurants. The company, however, is growing rapidly every day.


This company is mainly focused on selling and marketing restaurant meals to households or offices. The platform connects customers with restaurants’ point of sale order management. They work using a logistics optimization algorithm.


This is one of the fastest growing home meal delivery services in South East Asia. They deliver food that is below current restaurant prices. Their meals are 30-50% more affordable than the regular food deliveries.

Delivery Hero

This is an online ordering and delivery marketplace. It offers a variety of choices, convenience, quality, and reliability. The platform allows the user to browse through thousands of restaurants to find their favorite dishes. Their restaurants are peer-reviewed, making it easy to choose the best restaurants in the area.

Just Eat

This online food platform gives the customer the option of choosing from delivery or pick up. They provide convenience and easy access to a variety of delivery restaurants. Through this app, restaurants can improve their business.


Several applications can help you order and have your food delivered or picked up. Above are 10 of the most popular food deliveries startups worldwide. So, if you’re hungry, try some of these apps right now.

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