What You Need to Know about Currencies in Games

What You Need to Know about Currencies in Games

Many hard-core and casual gamers do not care about the importance of virtual money found in their favorite game. Many think that this in-game currency is just part of the complex but enjoyable process of the gameplay. However, this cannot be said to the game developer’s point of view. This is because these currencies which are used to buy osrs gold are tools that can be used in optimizing the games to obtain maximum profits and revenue.

Game Currencies and the Economy

To understand the use of game currencies in online gaming, you must understand the economy in games. The game economy is the center of the game’s prize format and is important in making the game successful. In fact, all games need an economy to structure the gamers’ behavior and incentive.

Through this economy, game currencies or virtual money are used to reward players for every success they achieved at a particular level or mission. These currencies will be used in buying or upgrading characters or items that can be useful in the game. A strong game economy is needed for a game to reach commercial success.

Types of In-Game Currency used in a Game

There are basically three types of in-game currency models that are being used in online gaming economies. These are the following:

No In-Game Currency Model

This no currency structure is more popular in online games played on your PC. Game developers monetize this model through transactions made by the players in purchasing items such as weapons and new cosmetics. Discounts and other promotions are being used to entice gamers in purchasing online items. These products or items can only be bought through in-app purchases.

Single Currency Model

This model is being featured in games that do not need an in-game economy balance. The players in this kind of game are given a specific amount of currency as a regular reward. This sole currency will be the gateway in visiting the game store in purchasing items needed in the game. This is where the gamer will use real money in purchasing game items.

Multiple Currencies

Others call it the soft or hard currency model and are widely recognized by game developers as the undeniable king of the game economy. In fact, three of the highest grossing apps in the App store are currently using this model. It features two to four currencies with the “Premium” currency as the only one that can be purchased. This also offers more options to players.

According to game developers, this model offers a lot of advantages as balancing the economy and controlling the inflation and devaluation are more manageable. Using multiple currencies means more intricate economies that will encourage more purchases from gamers. This will also offer game developers more options in designing the economy to maximize monetization.


A lot of gamers do not know the importance of these virtual currencies found in all online games. These in-game currencies are being used by game developers to monetize their games and increased profit and revenue. Thus, the key to monetizing a game successfully is to get the right in-game currency.

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