Top Solo and Multiplayer Cooking Games

Top Solo and Multiplayer Cooking Games

There are a lot of awesome games on consoles and PC, and one of the most interesting ones are cooking games. These kinds of games are actually intriguing, especially to those who just love healthy home cooking. Just by looking at the mouth-watering foods gathered at the table or at the counter of a buffet restaurant will probably get you curious about how they are actually prepared.

This is where cooking games come in. Taking the experience of real-life food preparation into consoles and PC will definitely bring about a challenging and entertaining game that can also be somewhat hilarious. This is exactly what 50% Sun Basket Promo Code & Exclusive Review does. From simply chopping vegetables to putting toppings on top of a pizza crust to serving customers before they hit their time limit – the culinary world is indeed a challenging realm to get yourself into.

If this thing got you thinking that you want to try a cooking game, then you were probably wondering what the current top cooking games are. You don’t have to waste time researching as the following list is the top cooking games as of now that you can enjoy solo or with your friends.

Battle Chef Brigade

This fascinating game is not entirely a cooking game per se, unlike the rest of the games listed here. However, the game features gathering ingredients and making heavily feature food, and it’s really entertaining. With this game, you’ll find yourself following the game’s mechanics integrated with a little bit of puzzle game and making mouth-watering foods while playing through a satisfying storyline.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

Unlike the rest of the existing cooking games that will only have you cook the food and serve them to the waiting customers, this game lets you do not only that but also the rest of the chores in a real-life restaurant. While cooking multiple meals of various cuisines, you will also have to refill your stocks, clean the bathroom and do countless things in between. To be able to beat the game, you have to do everything in a supernatural speed or else customers will leave. This game is just a sequel, but it is actually more difficult than the original one. If you’re up for the thrill, this one’s a good choice!

Pizza Express

If you have played the old game Pizza Tycoon, then you will definitely find this game familiar. It actually has the best features of the older game versions, wrapped up to help you make a fun story while creating savory pizza and figuring out your business management.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2

This game is also just a sequel, but it is very much awaited and anticipated by a lot of players. This multiplayer game created by Switch entrusts you the role of a chef who is assigned of both cooking and serving but in different frantic situations. If you never experienced stress while playing a game, then try this one and let’s see how you could hold up.

Aside from the interesting storylines that cooking games have, the thrill of serving the customers in time is what makes it all fascinating. Not only that, you get to see different mouth-watering food and get the experience of working on a restaurant. These games are perfect not only for aspiring chefs but also for everyone regardless of their gender and age.

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