Cool Spy Games You Need to Try

Cool Spy Games You Need to Try

While choosing a pc game to indulge in, you consider varying features. However, regardless of what you make you tick, spy games have it all. From breathtaking stealth action, careful surveillance and planning to hilarious maneuvers will make you feel like a text spy. And you will find something that will leave you glued to your pc for hours. In the spirit of spy-gaming, here is a look at five cool spy games you need to try.

Alpha Protocol

Taking the role of Michael Thorton, this thrilling game takes you across various continents in quest of information. You get to spy on text messages, infiltrate institutions uncovering their behind-the-scene activities, create allies, and gain access to the black market where you can trade for information and weapons. You get to learn new espionage skills such as hacking and cracking safes on a timer and upgrade your weaponry as you accumulate funds found in the game.

Thorton takes advantage of the Alpha Protocol safe houses to survive through his missions as he is hunted by the very people he worked for. Uncovering what led to his status, Thorton takes a roguish approach to clear his name and bring to light the dark secrets of the institution.


Just as the name suggests, it is a spy party! Deception and espionage at its best are what you need to succeed in this intriguing game. Take the role of a canny spy hiding in plain sight as you execute your objectives while blending as naturally as possible to avoid detection. The game takes the pleasure a notch higher by introducing a sniper whose laser focus moves in the room, taking point on your forehead when your actions seem to put you in a compromising situation.

Death to Spies: Moment of Truth

Every move you make counts. Your appearance, your posture, your surroundings and any other aspect around you are cues. One simple thing can compromise your cover. You can take numerous forms by changing your attire, but if you assume the identity of a high-ranking officer, your cover is as good as blown. Set in the World War II, Death to Spies: Moment of Truth is a challenging yet fulfilling spy game that you need to try.

Covert Action

Covert Action is one of the most detail-oriented spy games that insert you in a surreal feel like a spy. You get to do all those things you see on your favorite spy movies such as tailing your mark. The game takes spying game a notch higher by putting pressure on your skills. You get to decrypt coded messages in a timed mode, meaning that if you are not fast and crafty enough, you will fail. You also get to steal files and plant bugs – all the things a spy does in the real world.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is an engaging spy game where you get to use close-combat skills to debilitate your enemies as well as rifles. In this adventurous escapade, the player enjoys sneaky skills, allowing you to kill from the shadows as you proceed with your mission. With a range of gadgets to incorporate in the game, you will enjoy spying games to the last mission.

There are numerous cool spy games in the market, each with a set of peculiar features. With the highlighted games, you cannot go wrong. Entertain yourself and explore different setups and roles as you uncover the hidden secrets.

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