Keep Gaming On the Go with These Travel Must-Haves

Keep Gaming On the Go with These Travel Must-Haves

At times, traveling alone can be hectic and taunting especially when you’re feeling idle. To keep yourself comfortable after boarding either a flight, bus, or train, you can kill time and enjoy by playing some exciting video games. Such games can be as simple as an intense shooter or a puzzle. Gaming while traveling is a remarkable option that makes student travel more enjoyable and aids in passing the time and relieving stress. You ought to plan before you travel to ensure that you can play and have fun while on the go.

To make your student tour memorable, you need to carry along with you several gaming devices. A smartphone is the first device everyone on a trip cannot dare forget. There are other gaming devices that you should consider for gaming. They can be portable consoles such as gaming laptop, Nintendo switch, or Nintendo 3DS. The portable consoles are light in weight and suitable for playing up-to-date games on the go. If you decide to carry a laptop for gaming, you should opt for Razor Blade for improved performance and portability. Dell XPS 15 plays games extra well and is cheaper as compared to laptop and portable consoles.

The games played while undertaking a student tour should be fun, portable, and simple to learn. Such games include:

Shushi go!

Shushi go

This is a fantastic travel game. In this game, participants pass around their hands while trying to collect the highest points by playing high scoring combinations. It is easy is to teach and can be grasped by everyone who is interested in playing. This game is addictive and is perfect to fill travel downtime.

Exploding Kittens

Exploading Kittesns

This is a fun game that adds cheer to your tour. It is amusing and suitable even for mature travelers. The game is similar to a card game and has new comics featuring beautiful distressed kittens.


The game requires only two participants. The players play with hidden identities and bluffs so that they can move to take out other players and at the end emerge as the last one standing.



This game can be played anywhere while traveling. Letters for this game are stored in a banana-shaped pouch which is portable and easy to keep when traveling. It takes little space as compared to scrabble board.


It is a card game, and every player must collect the “head”. The more powerful head you collect, the more points you receive. It is an incredible travel game suitable for only two players.

To make the fun non-stop, do not forget your gaming device charger. You may also invest in a portable battery pack. This is important because gaming drains batteries faster. Games such as Nintendo switch drains the battery after three hours of gaming. For those interested to enjoy the game audio, you shouldn’t forget earphones. This will also prevent you from distracting your neighbor who may want to have a quiet environment.

Having the required and up-to-date gaming devices, proper packing cases, and the right games to play will make your vacation have no room for boredom.

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