Upcoming Video Game Movies to Watch Out For

Upcoming Video Game Movies to Watch Out For

Upcoming Video Game Movie

Can’t wait for the next video game movie to watch for this year? Putlocker’s prediction for 2018-19 shows that Video game movies will surely be a hit for every gamer out there. Get to know if your favorite video game will have its own movie this year on this list of upcoming movies to watch out for!

Call of Duty

Every Call of Duty gamer out there should look forward to this video game movie because Activision is exerting all its efforts in making this movie a blockbuster hit.

The director of this video game movie is Stefano Sollima who also directed the ”Sicario: Day of the Soldado.” The writer of this film is Kieran Fitzgerald who is also working on Sherlock Holmes 3 and is also known for being the writer behind Oliver Stone’s Snowden.

With the producers being the Hateful Eight producer Stacey Sher and the former Disney executive Nick van Dyk, this movie will surely be something that every fan of the game shouldn’t miss.

While there are no complete details yet about this movie, the two directors are planning a Marvel-style movie universe for the movie franchise of Call of Duty. They are also considering the possibility of having a Call of Duty TV series which will be set in World War II or Vietnam.

This movie is expected to be released by 2019.


Movie Director Shawn Levy confirms that the movie franchise of the video game “Uncharted” is close to the starting line. They already have a good script, and Spiderman actor Tom Holland will star as a younger version of the Nathan Drake in the video game.

Now that they have a lead star, the next question is, “Who’s going to take the role of Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan?” Sully is known to be Nathan Drake’s friend and mentor.

Holland believes that Chris Pratt or Jake Gyllenhaal would be best for the role. There’s no sure news about this, but this will definitely be one of the things that fans should watch out for.

As of now, there’s no sure date as to when this video game movie will be released, so that’s another thing that we should wait as well.

Watch Dogs

Since Ubisoft’s announcement that they wanted their major video game franchises to have movie adaptations, the last update about the movie adaptation of “Watch Dogs” is that it’s still under development.

Although the news about this movie adaptation is still way back 2013, and the last update from Ubisoft was back in 2016, all we could do is wait and hope that the movie studio is doing their best to make this movie adaptation happen.

Monster Hunter

The movie adaptation of the video game Monster Hunter is another movie that we should watch out for. Paul W.S. Anderson is going to direct the said movie adaptation. Anderson is known for being the writer-director of the Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

The newest two more cast members on this movie are Ron Perlman and the hip-hop artist T.I. Harris. Mila Jovovich of the Resident Evil will also be part of the cast. She will play the role of Artemis in Monster Hunter while Perlman will be the actor behind the character named “Admiral.” The sniper named “Link” will be portrayed by Harris.

The filming started this October in South Africa, and it is reported that the budget for this movie franchise is around $60 million.

Did you see your favorite video game on this list? Make sure to watch out for the newest updates about these video game movies to stay updated!

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