What Makes Cheating Irresistible for Gamers

What Makes Cheating Irresistible for Gamers

Game cheats are part of the gaming culture. Most of us who engage in gaming have used cheats at one time or another. After all, cheating is irresistible to gamers as it is all about having fun. Back in the days when it was impossible to change the difficulty levels of games, game cheats were one of the easiest ways to get past seemingly impossible sections of the game.

Combating cheaters in video games can be quite daunting, expensive, and oftentimes mulled in controversy. Game cheats like thoroughly plague video gaming, especially in computer games. Even with piles of money that developers and publishers are investing in gaming, stopping game cheats remains a challenge.

What is even more surprising is the reluctance of gaming companies to discuss this issue. Developers and publishers often avoid getting into details about the issue.

Why Cheating Can Be Quite Hard to Resist?

Cheating remains irresistible for gamers given the ease with which players can exploit bugs and flaws to their advantage. This is buoyed by the fact that games run in open and uncontrolled environments. This makes it hard to create barriers around gaming applications and provides a loophole for creating exploits.

Gamers might also find cheating irresistible especially when they engage in trivial bits of cheating. As a result, they are able to rationalize their behavior as they do not consider it to have serious consequences. However, this can be problematic as the gamer may continue to engage in cheating until it becomes a huge problem.

To combat cheating, game developers and publishers would need to run everything on the server side. However, this is not the case as many games are distributed on the client side. It is usually easier to hack applications on the client side which provides an opportunity for cheats. Having the application on the developers’ server makes it harder for hackers to manipulate the application. However, moving everything to the server side raises issues on digital rights. In addition, limitations in internet latency make it difficult to have the game reside fully on the server.

The Bigger Problem

The existence of private communities that create exploits also makes cheating irresistible for gamers. Moreover, there are gamers who believe that the best way to play some games is by using cheats. This belief particularly prevailed in the ‘80s when cheating was largely a private thing that did not cause harm to anybody. This is because most games were largely single player.

However, this is no longer the case given the stakes of gaming today. In a time when professional players compete for prizes, some running into millions, cheats raise questions on the legitimacy of the game.

When players compete for money, it is vital to stamp out cheating so as to level the playing ground. The challenge is that such prizes may motivate players to cheat in order to win.

Cheating in a multiplayer game is unfair as it will certainly hurt other players. An unfair competition also loses the sense of fun in gaming and ruins the experience for other players not engaging in the practice.


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