Social Media and Its Effect on the Gaming World

Social Media and Its Effect on the Gaming World

The influence of social media in the 99.6-billion-dollar gaming industry continues to grow. As per recent statistics, the worth of the social gaming industry in Asia and the U.S is 2.5 and 2.15 billion dollars respectively. Additionally, studies indicate a huge fraction of social network subscribers occasionally indulging in games on these platforms and at least fifteen per cent of the period an individual spends on Facebook is spent playing online games.

These figures are evidence of the correlation between the gaming industry and social media. Below are some of the influences of social media on the gaming industry.

Social gaming advertisement

The current boom in the gaming industry can partly be attributed to social media marketing. Although there are a lot of issues especially when it comes to hacking and social media or Instagram account security, gaming companies still take the time to immerse in social media marketing extensively. These companies have taken active steps to stop any Instagram account hacker getting a hold of their accounts. The gaming industries take advantage of the popularity of some social media platforms to increase awareness concerning their upcoming releases. We can expect more and more gaming companies aggressively promoting their brands on various social media channels.

Instant challenges and increased concentration

As the average attention span continues to dwindle over the years, social media continues to catalyze the problem. Steve Dimopoulos opines that the advent of social media has encouraged people to demand immediate gratification from their actions, and one impact of social media towards gaming is that people no longer have to wait to participate in their favorite games.

With this awareness, Facebook unveiled its Instant Games innovation that is an HTML5 inter-platform gaming experience that permits Facebook users to have access to a variety of game titles without installing new programs. This seems to be the next mode of gaming although most people are yet to discover this fact. Furthermore, our declining attention spans and the increased interdependence between gaming and social media will accelerate the transition to online gaming.

Increasing popularity of multiplayer games

Online browser-dependent multiplayer games, including and that have been promoted by io games, continue to gain popularity in recent years. The growth of these games is further accelerated by the fact that they are featured on social media sites allowing users quick access to them.

Increased peer involvement

 Initially, the typical gaming hobbyist used to be an odd person without many friends, who spent long hours in the basement playing games in great solitude. However, with the rise of internet-based social media, gaming is now an activity that can involve multiple people who share a passion for gaming, thus encouraging more people to embrace gaming as a way to connect with their comrades.

Alexander Carin is a former gaming lover who now practices as a divorce lawyer at the behest of Goldwater Dube law firm. In his experience as a lawyer, he has encountered situations whereby a child or spouse is trapped by the addicting features of social media and gaming that it functions as a social network, which replaces the role of the family and profession. Contrary to the stereotypical lonely gamer, many gaming enthusiasts today form mutually beneficial social bonds as they take part in various games.

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