IKEA Teams up with UNYQ and Area Academy to Develop a 3D Printed Gaming Chair

IKEA Teams up with UNYQ and Area Academy to Develop a 3D Printed Gaming Chair

IKEA, the revered Swedish furniture company, is now on the verge of diversifying their business portfolio. Besides creating whimsical and ergonomic furniture and aesthetically minimalist interior designs, IKEA will now be manufacturing 3D printed gaming chairs suitable for eSports contests. They have partnered with a renowned US prosthetics startup firm known as UNYQ and the revered Swedish eSports company Area Academy to plan and create the Ubik chair.   Their propitious innovation will see them use the advanced body-scanning technology made for medical wearables and 3D printing technology to make customized 3D ergonomic and adjustable seats for gamers. Check this out, you could even print your own 3D gaming chair with these low cost printer deals.

Ubik will be made entirely based on your body scan and biometric data. Marcus Engman, IKEA’s Design leader, clearly confirmed that the chair will be customized based on the unique biometric data obtained after thorough body scans.  While UNYQ will prepare the chairs 3D designs and looks, Area Academy will make sure they meet the desired high-grade mobility and ergonomic standards. Area Academy is an industry leader when it comes to creating eSports education projects’for schools, running eSports camps, and providing advice on gaming furnishings.

Gamers and extreme sitters spend many hours in front of a computer so the ergonomics and mobility of the chairs determine how comfortable their sitting experience will be. Though there are still thousands of ergonomically-designed chairs in the market that address the issues of comfort and mobility, none has met the desired modern-day gamers’ mobility and ergonomic requirements.

The collaboration of the three industry specialists aims to provide a unique solution to the problem extreme sitters have been facing for years. Their plan is to make a unique gaming seat prototype that is coherent, ergonomic and has a striking design. The planning and construction of this prototype took only 9 weeks which shows how dedicated and productive UNYQ’s team is.

Since its initiation, UNYQ has prioritized accessibility, affordability, and choice when developing their products.  Likewise, for the years IKEA has been in operation, they have prioritized the idea of creating affordable and whimsical interior design concepts. Therefore, the collaboration of the two industry authorities is expected to capitalize on the creation of innovative and unique products that will meet and exceed mobility and ergonomic standards, especially for the gaming community.

During their 2018 Democratic Design Day Event held in Almhult, Sweden, IKEA released the prototype of their much-hyped and long-awaited 3D-printed gaming chair. Together with its counterparts, IKEA created an actual picture of how the process of buying their 3D-printed chairs would be like once they fully start operating.

3D printing is a widely used technology in the creation of personalized and customer-targeted products. The three industry giants employed the use of this technology because it will allow them to biometrically and cosmetically modify their products based on the in-store body scanners.  This, in turn, creates unique products that are ergonomically and flexibly suited to the gamer’s needs. When buying Ubik gaming chair, you will need to first get your body scanned and wait for two weeks for a seat that conforms to your body shape to be designed for you.  And in no time, you will be comfortably seated in front of your console or PC, playing the night (or day) away.

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