App Developers Struggle with a New Type of Search Optimisation

App Developers Struggle with a New Type of Search Optimisation

The term ASO or App Store Optimisation is thrown around a lot in the game development circles these days and rightly so. Optimizing your app for launch is just about as important as the game itself. Because if no one finds the app… does anyone ear the tree fall in the forest? However, while ASO is super important, app developers must also not forget about SEO. Some studies have indicated that nearly a third of new users will discover an app via traditional search engines on their mobile devices.

Therefore, with that in mind, let’s now throw away our preconceptions about how to gain new users and focus on what is the traditional search space, but for mobile games. Here are some steps to take to ensure that the next app launch isn’t missed on search engines across the globe.

Gain Recognition

This is a task that can begin before the app is even launched. Going out to the market and finding reputable websites to link to your new domain. This can be in the order of link packages which are very common or guest posting on other websites. Link packages allow you to quickly gain authority for the required gaming niche. Authority is very important in the eyes of search engines as this will be used in deciding the rankings.

Guest posts are an effective tool when used correctly. Research the domain niche of the game and finding websites which post to that niche is the first step. After that it’s a matter of outreach in order to find who is interested in allowing guest posts. Some websites will want to see the quality of content on offer or ask for a contribution in exchange for the post. Be sure not to forget to link back to your website.

Be Mobile Ready

Well.. duh! No, actually, we’re not talking about the app itself, we are talking about the promotional material that accompanies the app. Namely, the website and its ability to handle mobile users. It should in fact be built with mobile first in mind as that is how Google is now approaching its indexing building.

App Name

The name of the app being launched is very crucial in the initial growth of the game. Especially if the name contains a word that is commonly searched for on the app store. Not only the name is important however, the text that fills the description can also be used to your advantage. Make sure the keyword research for the app niche is thoroughly under taken to reveal which keywords to include in the description.

Not Everything Is Equal

One of the most interesting challenges in app search optimisation is dealing with the different algorithms of the app stores. The Apple App Store definitely have a different ranking algorithm to that of the Google Play Store. Knowing the ins and outs of each store will serve you will to rank for both at the same time.

Please let us know in the comments below any strategies that you use to rank well in the app stores and what areas we can help you improve upon.

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