Famous ROM and Emulator Website Shuts Down Following Possible Lawsuit

Famous ROM and Emulator Website Shuts Down Following Possible Lawsuit

If you have been downloading retro games from famous ROM site EmuParadise, you’ll be very disappointed to know that they won’t be providing any more games.

The one-stop emulator and ROM site has been in business for many years already but has decided to give up when they detected a possible lawsuit that could be directed at them. This announcement appeared several weeks after Nintendo filed a lawsuit against a similar emulator and ROM site LoveROMS and even LoveRETRO. Nintendo was even able to force an online Gameboy emulator to be taken down following the lawsuit.

Due to this, it is possible that EmuParadise decided to shut down to prevent being the next target of the game giant.

While EmuParadise did not say that Nintendo was the cause for their action, it is hard to denounce that Nintendo did have a hand in it. This happened right at the same time when Switch Online announced its new launch of its Classic Games Selection (to be released in September 2018).

EmuParadise has already slowly started to take down some Nintendo games in their collection. It’s not known whether or not they will be soon doing the same for other games as well. While a lot of ROMs and ISOs were already taken down, the emulators still remained.

Of course, netizens were definitely not happy when they received the news. Many netizens took to Twitter to express their belief of sites like EmuParadise being preservers of old games that Nintendo didn’t release anymore. Although many netizens were clearly disappointed by the move, it seems that they will still continue to look for games from other sources.

It is highly impossible to really destroy the emulator community but EmuParadise’s move definitely made a big impact. EmuParadise’s creator said that they decided to make a new start without losing touch of their retro games vibes. The database including the community is still intact. However, it will be impossible to get games from EmuParadise.

The creator believes that their move will help keep the creators of the website and the community safe from any legal repercussions but still have a hand in providing some services to people loyal to them.

When can we reconnect with EmuParadise? Only time will know. EmuParadise creators said that it will mainly be up to the creators and the gamers.

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