Super Smash Bros Ultimate Introduces King K. Rool and Other New Characters to the Roster

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Introduces King K. Rool and Other New Characters to the Roster

For those who have been following news about the latest Super Smash Bros game, Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, there’s been some pretty exciting news following up before its actual release. The first one is none other than the Kremling King of the Donkey Kong Universe, King K. Rool. King K. Rool has been the longtime villain of Donkey Kong and friends for many years but somehow has never made it to the Super Smash Bros roster. It seems that things will be a little bit different this time. In a Tweet made by Nintendo Versus, there were pictures of King K. Rool with a caption declaring the  Kremling leader King K. Rool coming to Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

In the picture, King K. Rool appears as his heavy hitter self with a golden belly. There are even pictures of him with his usual crown, a pirate costume, and a propeller, so this could actually be a sneak peek of what we’re about to see when the new Smash Bros finally comes out. Actually, the Kremling King has been a rather sought out and in-demand character that many fans have been clamoring to add to the list of characters. It seems like this time, they’re definitely going to get their wish when they buy the new game.

Aside from that, players of the popular N64 game Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask will be familiar with the next one. Remember the big moon with the evil face that was supposed to fall down on the town if you run out of time in the quest? News shows that he’s also going to be on the list of players. As for what his powers and abilities are, we really can’t tell. The only thing players will really remember from the game was that he falls down and crushes people. So it’ll be pretty exciting to know what kind of powers the game developers gave him.

Lastly, we’re also going to see a list of whole new Pokemon. Not as players, but as Pokeball assists. You’ll most likely get to see a lot of new generation Pokemon from these Pokeballs showcasing a lot of their cool powers and abilities. This means that as long as you grab Pokeballs, you’ll end up with so many different Pokemon for you to count.

These are some of the latest updates by Nintendo Versus. The news of a new roster and features are definitely going to get the gamers salivating for the release this December 7, 2018.

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